Girls if a guy kept teasing you because your car wouldn't start would you get mad at him?

This girl i like has a old car and i always crack jokes about it. Last night i guess it was too cold and took some time to start then she got mad. Is it a big deal?


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  • I would assume he was just playing, depending on the person and his tone. But if he weren't, I would get annoyed and tell him go away.

    • well when i see her i always tease her about it. I don't mean it or say it in a bad way but i would say something like "so am i going to have to take the bus or walk?". Then i laugh at the end. But yesturday she was like "ok then go f*cking take the bus if my car is not good enough, stop making fun of me car, i know it's shit but its all i have". I never heard her get that moody.

    • Oh wow, yeah don't tease her anymore. And she probably didn't mean to say that, probably was just pissed off at her car, rather than at you.

    • yeah i'll stop. her car is very smoky and i pretend to cough lol when we're inside (no smoke comes inside though, just outside). i will stop that too

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  • Don't tease her. My girlfriend was the same when i kept making fun of her old honda. Just say sorry, trust me i been through it lol. Tell her sorry and even try and help her fix it. I had the same thing with me and it's better if you help her fix it rather than making fun of it. If you need help with what is wrong you can message me