Witch earphones have better sound quality? Note 4 or galaxy s6?

the s6 earphones look like the apple earpods and i hate the apple earpods coz it falls so quick, can't hold when i get up at least... anyone experiance the s6 earppods? how is it? is there some rubber thing to put? does it stay well and not fall? better then the note 4.. wich has better sound quality?


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  • the free ones you get with the devices are usually pretty crap. so never buy a phone just because of the earphones which come with it. more important is the sound quality of the device itself, there can be big differences. if both are good, take the cheaper one and buy good earphones for the money you saved...

    and to know what type of earphones are bundled check out some unboxing videos on youtube.

    • My old earphones are wearing out so i wanna buy new ones, wich is better, the note 4 earphones or the galaxy s6 earphones. I wanted the note 4 but since i saw the s6 ones i got thinking.. wich one has better sound.. i tried the note 4 ones before and i love them, if you put them in, you completely close the whole world out.. lol but im not sure about the s6 ones coz there waay differant and looks weird..

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I think Note 4 has better earphones. I broke my note 3 phone and lost its earphones (which were good), so I bought Galaxy S6, and yeah I didn't like how the earpods are shaped. They don't block the noise or concentrate the sound. That is why sometimes I borrow my sister's Note 4 earphones or wear headphones instead.

    • Exactly well said..."they do not concentrate the sound" thank you

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