I feel like a failure? the only thing I dont fail at is school?

i feel a bit sad about my current social situation and i dont know what to about it, or gow to "fix it"

I moved over 3 months ago, i was veru optimistic and very open to meeting new people and creating a good life for myself.

It didn't go as well as i hoped it would go.. I have a good relationhsip with my class mates, but i only spend time with one guy after school, actually two, but i have invite myself all the time, so its not that much fun and thh one guy i hang out with beside school doesn't really have the same interest as me, especially when it comes to go out drinking. I like it a lot, he hates it.

I signed up as a volunteer in hope to meet more and new people.. and i had a little hope of meeting a guy. Untill now i have made friends (still non that asks me to hang out besides work), and the only guy that has shown interest in me is someone i dont find attrcative at all, in any shape or form.

Unless i get invited or if i have to work, i sitt home a lot in the weekends.. Which i don mind most oft he time, but it would be nice to get asked to get out (so that i know im likable). And i have been on one date, the guy was a creep. So i have no success in the dating scene either.

And im so jealous of my sister, she as close female friend she hangs out with all the time, she has fun and hoopks up with guys, she has many guys to chose between when it comes to dating..

I feel like a failure bascially.. the only thing im not failing at is school, and im not doing great in that either.

So my question is : anyone that had any advice on how to cope with this?


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  • At school , i am never myself. If i act seriously then i would stop talking to everyone. That is bcz my class mates are stupid. Seriously. And there is nothing interesting about them. And i dont have friends outside my school so... And i get attention from both attractive and unattractive girls at my school but i still dont want to talk to any of them. I mean , okay some of them look good but what about their personalities? I know them well and there is nothing interesting about them. I guess i am like you. And my parents do not allow to go somewhere alone ,,, they always want to be with me. (Because the place where i am living is not safe). By doing that , they are killing all my possibilities of making friends outside the school.


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  • Dont define your value or suscess by the amount of freinds, dates or whatever that you have. All these things are kinda meaningless (since quality over quantity), you can be desired by say 50 and have 50 friends and feel loved by none. I get that along with many people that they crave to be recognized and to get achknowledged or just attention and its not bad in itself that. But its better regardless to believe in your own value and dont compare yourself to others that make you more depressed and sad. But hey, if it helps Im 27 and I never technically been on a date. I feel like a failure in many ways in life too, but certainly not cause of the dating thing. Regardless, I dont think you are a failure anyway :)

  • Okay, it's good that you shared it with us.

    • I forgot the question, .. ups lol

    • Naaaah, the question was pretty obvious. I simply did not have any advice. I'm much like yourself and have no idea how to fix it.

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