What should I do in my situation?

Both my 13 year old sister got kicked out of my mother's apartment.
We can't go back because she has threatened us with having her husband physically attack us.
We both don't feel safe in there anyway. Our things are still there. We either have to let them go or sneak back and take them. I had to quit college in order to support my mother's child, my sister. I am 20 years old, turning 21 next year January. I'm just really stressed. I'm looking for a job and actually got a job offer Thursday, it pays cash too, but it's near my school in the south bay area. My little sister goes to school in Los Angeles. I can't take her out in the middle of the year and transfer her although I feel like that would be easier. My older sister is working on getting my little sister's papers to get custody. What do I do? I feel so incredibley overwhelmed. I need a full time job (mon-fri/10-12h/$9-$10h) and it's really difficult finding that. I don't have experience and I didn't get to finish school. Advice please.


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  • Charges for child abandonment and and any others need to be filed. Go to DHS and talk to them about food stamps and these legal issues. What she did is criminal

    • Yeah I went in a couple days ago to get food stamps because I was only able to get out with $30 in my pocket, so hopefully that can arrive soon. She is pretty much a criminal but she's "disabled" and things are is never held accountable. DHS? Let me look that up :P
      Thank you.

    • Just because she's disabled doesn't mean she's free from prosecution. DHS is Department of Human Services

    • Social workers seem to think so :P
      Okay thanks, I'll look into it but I don't want anything to do with this woman, I don't want to be tied to her depending on money or anything. We never want to see her face again.

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  • You need to call CPS. Your mom can't do that to her own children and if you're taking care of her child you should get foster support.

    • What's the CPS? Let me look that up.
      I know she shouldn't but she does. She weeds us out, only keeps children she deems "perfect". She's already done this to my older sister, kicked her out young. She's really a terrible person. I have enough to call the police and have her imprisoned but the people she did harm to don't want that. Foster support? Let me check that out.

    • Oh Child Protective Services, well tbh we have, but they never believe the cruelties my mom has done. Social workers have come to our home twice when I was younger because neighbors called but my mom is a manipulating wench and had them eating from her hand. She also always pulls the "sick" card. :P

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