Why do girls care about whether they have their mans approval or not?

Just read about a girl who wanted to get her stomach pierced and up until she was about to do it, her boyfriend was fine with it. Then he changed his mine. Why do girls care about that?


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  • I guess it's not a permission thing it's more of a will he like it kind of issue

    • But why should it matter if they do it or not. They're going to do it anyway, right?

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  • Haha, you obviously don't seem to quite understand how serious relationship work... so here we go: the point of asking each other is not so much a permission thing but asking for your partner's opinion. If you ask your partner for his/her opinion, they will feel like their voice was heard. It's like in politics. There's a big difference between your government asking you for your opinion in a general referendum or there being some kind of dictator who just does it without even giving a shit what everyone else thinks. Cuz even when you vote on the referendum and the majority is against you, you will still feel like "okay, well at least the government asked me". It's like that in serious relationships too. If my girlfriend wants to do something, I want her to ask me for my opinion. I don't expect her to always go with what I say but I want to be able to be heard. Of course this should always go both ways. Guys should do this just as much as girls do it. For example if I would want to get a piercing, I would certainly ask my girlfriend before I get it. Asking each other creates trust and trust later creates love. If you don't ask each other and you also never listen to your partner, you make them feel like you absolutely don't care about them. Like they're worthless and insignificant to you.

    I'm not saying you do any of this but I can tell you right now that if you'll ever have a long term relationship and you never ask your girlfriend/wife about things but simply go ahead and do them, don't be surprised if you'll catch her in bed with another guy some day. Cuz this is exactly why women cheat. Contrary to what men think, women don't cheat because another guy has a bigger dick or something silly like that. In 99% of all cases, women cheat because they feel neglected and unloved by their boyfriend/husband. Unlike guys who simply cheat because they like diversity, a woman who cheats is like a citizen from a dictatorship who escapes to a free country. She doesn't escape there because she thinks that other country is necessarily better than hers, she escapes there because she hates the fact that her government (aka her boyfriend) doesn't give a shit about her.
    So yes, asking each other is always a good thing.


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  • Because if you are in a serious relationship you have to concern yourself with what your partner thinks. It doesn't mean you have to do what your partner says but you should be concerned about what your partner thinks and feels.

    • But why should it matter, if they're just going to do it anyway?

    • Because its just one thing. If it's always she's gonna do what she wants then she shouldn't be in a relationship. There's gotta be some give and some take.

    • Interesting

  • Those girls do not want to be single or are too dependent on their boyfriend.

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