Does any other woman with depression have this problem?

I have very bad depression but when its that time of the month it gets so much worse for me. My mood dips so much lower that usual and I feel so much more numb and I feel that much more capable of doing something stupid. Its like it has been cranked up to 100. It would be comforting to know If any other women who suffers from depression goes through this. Please share your story and how you are coping with it. Side note I am not currently seeking treatment mainly for finacial reasons, and that the country i live in still sees mental ilness as something to 'get over'.


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  • Yes, I've suffered depression for 5 years and when my period does come I feel 2x worse, mostly anger or insomnia but I never really thought about it till now, I guess I just really realise all the shit that's wrong in my life when I'm at my lowest and being in pain and bleeding for a week straight doesn't help the situation


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  • Yea for sure I go through extremely sadness and cry for no reason then I get angry and shout at people then sad again because they don't understand