How do I tell my roommate, who's also my coworker, to stop?

Its been a week since i moved in with my coworker, we're pretty chill but i knew things wouldn't be perfect. One thing thats especially bugs me is that she thinks i went grocery shopping for all of us (her, her boyfriend and i) so she's been trying to cook with my organic stuff which she's never cooked in her life. Everything comes from the freezer, even diced onions which i didn't even know existed. Anywho she's not very clean. Puts wet pots and pans in the cabinets and for instance put a used spoon in my organic sour cream. Why couldnt she use a clean spoon? Now there's food in it. Well i told her about the sour cream making it seem like im very particular about my food and not insulting her. What does she do? She tells our coworkers that im a weird roommate and im "particular" about my food. So today everyone kept coming up to me and making comments saying i was weird. Then i told them about the shit she does bc i was really pissed and everyone agreed she wasn't very sanitary and what not. Like honestly, idgaf what people think im annoyed at the fact that she went and made me seem like a freak when the first night i moved in she peed in the kitchen sink. She wasted all my organic tomatoes trying to cook and used my potatoes and didn't even cook them half way through. Not once did i say anything to anyone. I really wanna say something to her about that and also want to tell her to respect my food bc im "particular"about it and id probably label it. But how should i go about this


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  • Chances on getting that message through to her are close to zero. You should have learned more about her before becoming roomies. This one seems doomed!

    • Well i have to try. I can't just sit back and let her think everythings ok

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    • Besties? If this keeps up you are going to hate her guts. You can see that she does not see boundaries. If she sees something, she believes it is okay to use it. I really don't see you changing her.

    • If she doesn't change then ill buy a mini fridge and put it in my room. Im changing my lock on my door anyways bc the other day her friends were here my door was wide open. Yeah maybe they didn't go in but why the fuck was it open. I just want to say something before she opens the fridge one day ans sees labels everywhere

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  • Tell her you two need to talk, set a time where you're both available and there's no way she can back out without seeming like a douche, and tell her there needs to be some boundaries set.

    Let her know what you consider okay and not, then listen to what she has to say. Try to negotiate (I cannot for the life of me think of the word) and figure what you can or can't live with.

    If nothing can be done then well. I don't know. My assumption is moving out is out of the question.