How much of a bitch is she?

My mother told my family that I got a 'bout of jealousy because my brother goes to private school.'

My brother was in grade 8, I'm not even joking. I was done first year University.

It made me wonder how sick and twisted her uneducated mind is for her to jump to conclusions like that.

In reality, I was angry as she had been extremely rude to me a couple of minutes before and was sending out the message it was unacceptable for her to behave like that.

It's really funny how she doesn't tell the person at the other end what she does to provoke people and makes 'stories,' out of things.


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  • She maybe a bitch, but she's still your mother. Just ignore her.


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  • You should just ignore her and pretend like she never spoken about this to you.

    • She created a scene where people were screaming and fighting and blurted it out while lying on her bed.

      I actually started crying. In fact she's been doing stupid things like this for years.

    • Well the more you keep focusing on her, it will drive you crazy.

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  • Total! she reminds me of my oldest sister, who re-sat the guests at my wedding when it is clearly the bride's family's call!! You can disown her if you want, I did with mine.


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