I used to be very funny but I have lost my sense of humor, how do I get it back?

People used to say I was a laugh a minute and things but now , not... AT ALL!! for example everyone was joking around about the worse possible way to reject s r
Love confession, then I said... "I've got one! Just say this! ' imagine if Neil Armstrong bad been stuck on the moon and not come back to planet earth? That's what it'd be like to date you"
It was a joke and nobody got it, even though it's hilarious!
Nobody thinks anything I say is funny... so what's your suggestion to getting lost sense of humor?


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  • Same with me ever since I got to college. Well I can make people laugh sometimes but not nearly as much as my old friends. Probably because it's an all new set of people, and most people here had a good reason to choose it, but I just thought it was a well-respected school around my state.

    • thankyou!!! i just realised why i lost my sense of humor, i need to go back to my old friends... thanks

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  • You could try and look for it in the basement?

    "See what I did there?"

    lol ok I dunno, watch stand up on youtube?

  • Not everybody is smart to get jokes and others don't like jokes.

    Insert 'kappa' for dumbos, the moment you (I) try to be funny are more likely the moment where you are not funny at all and maybe exargerating.


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