Anoying people at nightlife (deep)?

So there's a fuckin deep club (minimal, deep house, etc), well there's a few but I noticed it only in both clubs.
There's always these retarded people whistling really loud before shit drops and it makes me angry to just hear it (like my ears dude) I first tought these are some DJ table noises but no.. these people appear in both clubs and start fuckin whistling like if they have some mind malfunction, question= why?

Are they just on drugs so they don't notice that they piss of people or what (just had to leave the club before things could get really wierd).


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  • Dam, how young can people be and get into clubs in Germany?

    • 16 on some events, 18 is normally allowed clubbing age

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    • Ye but age restrictions do nothing.
      Sometimes 13y olds can enter the club and so on, they just need to know people. Have you joined clubs often?

    • No here they scan IDs at the door. Before, you could get fake IDs, but IDT anyway to sneak in now.

      Ya I go clubbing pretty often. Maybe 2-4 times a month.