How long did you date before you had your first fight?

i can’t even remember what our first fight was about and exactly when it happened, but it was probably after the two year mark of when we first started dating (we got married exactly a year and half after we first met). I think married life is a lot harder than dating life!

Do you remember when your first fight was and what it was about?


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  • My first fight with my signification other was about 6 months after we really started dating (I don't count from when I meet her, but was involved in a relationship, so we were only acquaintances.) She was from Arkansas and I was from Southern California. It was about 2am and there was a minor earthquake. I would guess about a 4.0. Now for someone from Southern California, those happen every few month, but she had never been in an earthquake. So she woke me up all panicky, telling me that we must be having an earthquake. I looked at the lamp, and it was moving a little, so I put my arm over her and said, "Yup, I guess we are". Then I fell back asleep. The next day she was over the top mad at me. She yelled stuff like "How can you go back to sleep when I was so terrified". All I could say was, "It was a baby earthquake. It didn't matter. For 2 days she was mad at me. I finally got mad back at her for being so mad about something so minor. However, that seemed to stop things, as I made it clear I was done putting up with such nonsense.

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