Older women are always telling me I'm gorgeous and it's makes me uncomfortable?

When they stuff like that it makes me super uncomfortable, I don't know why they say it but it's makes me feel so awkward how can I stop feeling weird about it? Also when they touch me (not in a sexual way) it makes me feel really uncomfortable how can I get over this too?


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  • How old are these women?

    Older could mean anything from 5-6 years older (which is still in your age range).
    To old enough to be your Mom.

    I've had people far older than me compliment me.
    A compliment is a compliment.
    It doesn't mean they want you in any way.

    • Because some 23/24 year old consider me older. I am. But not "older" in that sense.

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  • Say sorry but I usually date older women. It will make them so happy and distracted you'll have time to escape.


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  • We're old, not dead or blind.

    Just say thank you and move on. Not like they expect you to do anything else, really.

  • Calm down and try to not overthink :)


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