Any make up tips?

I am a student so I can't spend a whole lot to make up. Any good easy tips? :)


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  • A simple pink lipstick, powder and genuity would suffice😊


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  • What's your budget and what's your goal with makeup? Do you have any blemishes or other troubles like redness, pale lashes or short lashes, or anything else you'd like to enhance? I'm not exactly a makeup expert by any means (I rarely wear it and focus more on skincare and face health), but here are some tips I've learned.

    Look up what lip colors would look good with your skin tone. Wet n wild actually has some really pretty colors that are super cheap. Like 1 or 2 dollars regular price and they come on sale for 40% off at Rite Aid sometimes. Buy any brand lip liner that matches the color of your lips and color them in with it before applying lip color. It makes it last. Also, before applying lip products, exfoliate those crusty crusts lol. Elf has a $3 lip exfoliator that works well. More expensive Nars and MAC lipsticks honestly are better though. You can get good Mac colors for $12 shipped on ebay and just get basic reliable colors like a matte red like "Ruby Woo." I would recommend Korean lip colors too, like TonyMoly Bunny Juice bar tinted lip balms... they're like less than $5 shipped. Lip colors are the one makeup I love. :D

    My cousins who are really good at makeup say drugstore mascara is good enough and not terribly different from more expensive stuff. Don't buy at a drugstore though lol, walmart is way cheaper. If you want eyeliner, my friend recommended Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner, Black. On ebay they have indian kajal super cheap, like 1 dollar each shipped. It looks really pretty. Also, eyebrow pencil... any brand, can make your eyebrows look a little nicer.

    If you want to use foundation or concealer... a primer is essential especially if you have enlarged pores. Elf primers are ok. I'd actually invest in one from Sephora or The Body Shop, because it makes a difference. I like The Body Shop Instablur. Body Shop products come on sale for 50% off free shipping in the next few months.

    Do you have acne prone skin? If so, I'd say don't get cheap for foundation, spend on the better quality stuff. It truly makes a difference.

    Not makeup, but I highly recommend a Vitamin C serum... any brand. It brightens your face to look healthier.

    I don't know anything about contouring or eyeshadow or blushes or brushes or fake lashes though. -_-


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  • Mascara is the only thing that makes a positive difference.

    Concealer and foundation if you have blemishes.


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  • Stick to basic stuff - ones that are versatile
    Say your budget was $20
    -mascara $4 (like great lash, maybelline)
    -concealer $5 (fit me, maybelline)
    -brow pencil $2 (nyc)
    -eyeliner $4 (scandaleyes, rimmel)
    -makeup remover/etc. like $5

    it'll last you 6mths- a year
    honestly, you don't realllly need much more (except special occasions), and obv get high-quality stuff if you have more money... good luck :)

  • The makeup lady at the drug store is a good resource. They can help you find products within your budget that are right for your skin.