I have this awesome friend but?

You know those people who are always happy, and encourage people, and bring them up, and try to fix EVERYONE'S problems, that's me actually. But meeting a person just like you is bizarre. So I have this friend obviously and he's basically happy everyday, and gives me advice, and helps me out on those mental sections of my life. But one time he said he was a looser, (He says it often, but this was over text where I could figure out why he says it) and I told him he was a winner, and he kept denying it, and says he lacks everything. He told me to name something he doesn't lack, and I listed a couple topics, and told him I could go on. And then he said he lacks humbleness, and I said he's alwasy respectful and nice. He's a great guy, who wants world peace and happiness in the world, he reminds me of that youtuber Markiplier, but he thinks he's a looser, when he's so much more. So, the question here is that, are all happy people generally sad on the inside, or do they just have that one sad thing driving them to do better?


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  • You can't make him feel something he doesn't /(

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