How to appreciate yourself?

I started writing it in an app on my phone, i wrote 4 positive things about me and everyday, i read it and stuff and i think it helps me be happy with my self more, also i found a passion for my self witch os drawing so that inproved me a bit too, even if i didn't start drawing yet after a long time.

I just have 1 problem, when i walk and there lots people infront of me and i gotta walk between.. i start feeling weird and "if i do this, theyll know im anxious" that kind of stuff and i look around to make sure nothings wrong. . i heard that if you do things out of your comfort zone, it will boost a lot to make u comftorable more.. its true but what can i do thats out of my comfort zone? Playing music outside when im walking? Coz i was scared to do that, but now i can play wile walking but sometimes i decrease volume so i need to break that to be able to not care about the others.. this actually working


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  • The best way to go about it is to think of something happy, so it makes you smile. And people don't give a crap about other people walking outside anyway. They might stare, but that is typical of people. Good luck 🌼


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