How to tell what this guy is thinking?

So there is this guy at my college who is younger than me by 2years. His friends told him that I like him. He constantly looks at me and blushes and it's really awkward.
we aren't friends , his friends don't even like me so that whole group bitches about me and my friends. He's a shy guy who doesn't talk to girls. I do think he's cute but how do I know what he's thinking about me back? I'm starting to feel uncomfortable when he's atoudj as I know he watches me secretly as my friends have seen him do that
(Ps I can't ask anyone who knows him it will be weird and word will get back to him)


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  • I would say that the guy do have some interest toward you. He also feels special that you like him. He is watching you from afar because

    1. he does not have enough courage to approach you
    2. he have not made up his mind yet if he is really that into you.

    He does not have any negative feelings toward you. He is likely to be wondering what kind of qualities do he have that managed to attract you.

    My suggestion for you to decrease the awkwardness is to be a bit open about your feelings for him and his feelings for you.


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