Ahoy music lovers! Best "I miss you" songs?

Ok so I met a guy on vacation this summer, and long story short, we kind of hit it off pretty well :3
but it's been 2 months since I last saw him (we still talk to each other on whatsapp and stuff like that) and well... I miss him so much *sigh*. And although it was sort of a summer thing we had going on, I genuinely liked him. And because I'm a girl, I like crying while listening to sad songs and eating ice cream in my bed, God knows why haha. So... Do you guys know any heartbreaking songs about missing someone?
Thanks for any suggestions. :)


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  • out of curiosity, why do girls (i guess people in general, but i usually see it with girls) listen to sad shit when something sad happens? like why do you wanna be sad?

    anyways, where'd you go by ft. minor.

    • I don't know about the other girls but music in general helps me cope with life basically hahaha. And having a good cry really helps actually. Thanks for the suggestion :)

    • i still don't get it. like, it sounds like if you were depressed because (fill bad thing here) and you had the options of watching people get stabbed or petting really cute puppies, you'd choose watching people get shot... kinda a very crude and possibly morbid example, but i think i got the point across... and no problem :D

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  • mariah carey - angels cry


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  • I miss you, Blink-182
    only one by yellowcard- it'll really make you cry that one!
    possibly happiness machine and pieces by sum 41...
    Just a few that'll really make you cry!

    • Thanks! Already knew the Sum 41 ones but I'll check out the rest :)

  • I've got it bad and that ain't good (Bessie Smith)
    Drake, Lana
    Look what you've done- jet
    Coldest Winter- Kanye
    Little Black Submarines- Black Keys
    Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd
    Solitude- Billie Holiday
    Summer wind, somethin' stupid, it was a very good year- Frank Sinatra

    • Little black submarines is one of my faves ! :)

  • Torn to Pieces by Pop Evil.
    Dancin' Away With My Heart by Lady Antebellum
    Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin

    Those are my top picks.

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