Appropriate Halloween Costume 2015 Ideas?

So as you all can read, I am thirteen...
And the school doesn't want any inappropriate costumes, e. g. slutty, whore, sexy bunny lmao
Are there any appropriate Halloween costume ideas?

I was personally thinking of doing Mario and Luigi, Mickey and Minnie, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Cheerleaders, Nerds, etc.

Comment your opinion below, highly appreciated!


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  • Can you paint your face? Be an awesome zombie with gashes and blood. If that's too graphic for school you could be a broken doll. Paint some lines on your face to look like stitches, get a white eye contact to make it look like one of your eyes are messed up. Wear pigtails a big doll dress and a bunch of other cute accessories like bows, and stockings. Where dark makeup and give the illusion of doll eyes.


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  • Slave Leia bikini :D

    • Lolz!!
      Problem: has to be appropriate :(
      But when I get older I'll keep in mind :D

  • Cheerleader

    • But, that's just me. Go with whatever, I'm sure you'll look great no matter. I mean, i won't be seeing you, so, why should my opinion matter

  • Portal chell costume


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