One of them (brides) is a man, so guess who is the man?

The one in left or The one in right?
One of them is a man, so guess who is the man?
If you know them already then please don't tell the answer already, thanks

  • The one in left
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  • The one in right
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  • Neither of them are men, they're women. One is transgender and legally male which meant she could say fuck you to their government (they are Russian ladies) who wouldn't acknowledge her gender; because that meant they had to acknowledge her lesbian marriage

    • How can they both be women if one is transgender? lol

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    • "trans people's identities" Then transgender people have their own identities, and why are you so worrying to make them "women"?

    • I'm not making trans women women. They are women. That is their identity

Most Helpful Guy

  • The one on the left


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  • I 'd say the one in the right. Tall, wide shoulders and hair that looks like a wig. The one in the left looks smaller in general, she has no muscles and it's obvious those are her real hair because the roots are darker..


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  • I must say the one on the left