Why would ex's mom do this?

So when me and my ex broke up his mom deleted me off facebook. She said she didn't want to be between our arguments, which is understandable. Well its been like 6 months and out of the blue she sends me 2 chain messages through facebook, eventhough we are not freinds. I thought it was weird. Could she have been trying to reach out to me seeing how i am or what. Like i said i just thought it was a little weird since we are not freinds on fb anymore. I never sent them back but I might to see if anything.


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  • Why was she between your arguments?

    • she really wasn't but i contacted her about something reguarding him and her, and then he got in trouble and got into a fight. So basically stuff like that

    • That wasn't good of you. Maybe she wants to tell you something about your ex

    • Could be I don't know

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