What should I have done?

I was pushed out of a room by a girl who proceeded to beat me and hit me with her purse, all while I was repeatedly telling her to calm down. She is easily angered, and I'm not sure why she was mad at me. I didn't hit her back, sime mutual friends came along and broke it up. However, I am starting to doubt whether or not I was right in not hitting her back because she's a girl. Guys, would you hit back? Girls, what would your ideal guy do in this situation?

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  • Just a tip...

    When dealing with agitated people, the phrase, "Calm down," is one you should never say. It has been proven to anger them more.

    My ideal guy would never be in a position where I'd want him to leave my room. :p

    • I don't know what I did tbh... Oh well she's dead to me anyway

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What Girls Said 1

  • I swear to god, if a guy was in my room, pissed me off, and wouldn't leave. And then i resorted to beating on him so he would just leave me alone and he hit me, I'd damn near murder his ass, or my brothers would for me. I am a skinny little thing, I don't hard. But boy oh boy do i kick hard. So no, you shouldn't. I've only met one guy my age who was the same strength as me, and that's because he's borderline anorexic.

    • It was a public room though. She wasn't in her room, it was at school. It wasn't hers to defend

What Guys Said 1

  • I know how hard my punches hard (or how not hard they are) so i'd only hit back if my life was threatened. In your situation i'd yell 'stop'.

    • I did that too. She wasn't stopping I had absolutely no idea how to respond