What should I do for my birthday?

I asked this question few weeks ago and was planning on having a spa day with my friend and have a nice dinner with my family.

But the situation is different now. My dad is in the hospital so I don't know what i should do.. Should i just have the dinner at the hospital ( i could tell my driver to get us food from the restaurant) or should i ask my dads doctors if he could go out for a bit at night for the dinner and go back to the hospital after it (since he is kind of bored at the hospital and been asking when we can take him home😐)?

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  • I would suggest to ask your dad's doctor if he could be discharged for a few hours, I'm sure your dad would be happy too to get out of the hospital for awhile.

    by the way, happy birthday! 😊 I hope you'd enjoy it πŸ˜„


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  • Ask the doctor if your Father is in good condition to be taken out. If not, bring the food to his hospital room. I am sure he would enjoy it there too! :)

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