Is it wrong I think he's gay?

I don't want to stereotype this guy at all. So my friend Amber knows this guy and whenever Im with her and he passes by he gets all awkward. I've only seen him a couple times maybe three or four times since school started. He dresses up really nice and he walks a certain way (very feminine) and he talks that way too like "yass girl" and so on. But I don't know when Im nearby he acts all flustered and embarrassed and he stares at me. I passed by when he was with my friend and I wasn't planning on staying. I waved at her and talked a bit before leaving. When he saw me, he quickly took off his earphones and just stared at me as I was talking to my friend and he was smiling.. I don't know but could he possibly be into me?


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  • If being awkward makes one gay, then most of us are gay... :P

    • Nope, it's not him acting awkward that makes me assume he's gay. It's the way he acts, talks,. and dresses

    • I know I shouldn't judge him by that but Im really confused

    • You could always advise him on dressing up. He might appreciate that, and it might give you a good feeling too.

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