Ladies, here are some funny stories. Feel free to share your own?

I already posted this, but figured some new users had not seen it before. Ladies, check em out!
1. Brittany. A friend of mine when I was 14. We were at a fair chatting with two other friends when out of nowwhere she playfully slapped me. I was so confused!
2. Brittany. Same girl as before. I had a crush on her, and for whatever reason, started to touch her in places I shouldn't have. She gave me some playful slaps on my face each time I did it. It wasn't a huge deal actually.
3. Angie. She played the role of a girl I "Cheated on" in an acting class when I was 17. During the rehearsal she confronted me about it. It was all improv, so we made it up as we went. Except she slapped me really hard during the takes. Since we took about 5 or 6 takes, she ended up leaving a red spot on my cheek that throbbed for the rest of the school day. I got slapped about 7 times that day.
4. Nora. Another girl in high school. I was lightly slapping her face during German class to taunt her. She didn't appreciate that. SLAP!
5. Nrupa. A girl in college who had a crush on me. We were friends but for whatever reason, we never ended up dating. I guess I just wasn't into her. One night at a party, she was there while I was flirting with another girl. She slapped me a few times during that interaction. I suspect she was jelous.
6. Amanda. A gorgeous red head who lightly slapped me for yelling at my house party while her friend was on the phone.
7. Beth. My girlfriend at the time and for 2 years. She was a feisty one! There was one time where we were having sex. I had a couple of drinks beforehand, so I guess I was a bit tipsy, and her moaning made me laugh. She told me to stop so I did. She kept riding me, and once again, I started laughing whenever she moaned. She cocked her hand back, and slapped the absolute crap out of me! I had this look of pure shock on my face after it happened. This girl did not take my crap. Beth slapped me a lot. She slap


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  • Hahaha damn u have been slapped quite a few times.. 😹 I don't know if this is funny but I thought it was so when I was like 12 or 13 I was watching (well u know) and my brother caught me and I remember being so embarrassed that I left my own room and after a while came back and he was on my computer watching it!! Lmfao

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