African Americans, what do you think about cultural appropriation & can you tell us about your own experiences with racism?

(Answer any question you like! There are a lot. I kinda got carried away.)

Where in the USA do you live?

Is it diverse? How hard it is to be black there?

Is there police violence in your area?

Do you have natural hair?

Did someone ever call you the n-word? How did you react?

What do you think about shadism/colorism in the African American community?

If you're comfortable answering to this, how much do you know about your family history? Do you know where they're originally from?

Do you think America loves black culture/entertainment but not black people?

Do you think Taylor Swift was appropriating black culture in her "Shake It Off" video?

What do you think about appropriation of other cultures, like white people wearing Native headdresses/bindis/etc or mocking other cultures by dressing up a sombrero-wearing Mexican with a donkey/a Muslim terrorist?

Do you think non-black people should be able to say the n-word in certain situations like song lyrics?


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  • I live in a very rural area in Northeast Georgia. It's not really diverse at all. You have a hand full of black people, a hand full of white people, a hand full of latins.
    Being black isn't hard, you're just being you and some people just don't like you because of how you look and how your race is portrayed. The only people that say it's hard are people who make it hard on themselves by doing the wrong things in the wrong places, often with the wrong people.
    Police violence doesn't exist here unless it's like some drunk guy getting frisky while being arrested. Even that seldom happens.
    As for the "n-word," I don't care if you say it as long as you don't use it in a way that is ACTUALLY racist and not some petty b. s someone claimed was racist.
    Colorism is a lot more stupid than racism and me being a fairly dark skinned person, I caught hell for it in high school when being light-skinned was cool for some stupid reason. What sense does it make to be racist against your own race just because they're a different shade? Hell, even that question doesn't make sense.
    I couldn't care less about my heritage, i'm just a black guy. It makes no difference to me.
    America LOVES black entertainment because it's a very popular thing among young people and because it's also very profitable. It's just another trend. Just like being a rockstar or a skateboarder was cool in the 90's and 2000's. It's almost the same thing as getting someone to tell a sob story from the "hood" and make a decent living as an adult. It's all too common. It's all you hear about famous black people. Name someone other than Neil deGrasse Tyson who doesn't have that story.
    Screw Taylor Swift and her writing-the-same-album-with-a-slightly-different-sound-ass. It's not cultural appropriation, it's called being trendy and trendy = money. Admit it, that song is pretty lame, she had to do something to make it work. (Make that money boo-boo)
    I think people need to stop being so sensitive You can dress up as another race or whatever but don't depict a stereotype, i'm not saying it's racist, i'm saying portraying a stereotype not only makes you look dumb it makes people think you're dumb for thinking thats how they look.
    As for the last one.. If you feel like you have to ask... This is where black people start to suck. There's always gonna be that group that either kills or beats up someone for saying it. Just because i'm cool with it doesn't mean someone else is.
    No one can speak for an entire race.


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