Seeing things? out of body experiences? anybody else?

so yea sometimes i get these... I don't know what they are called but i feel like im someone else looking down on myself
or like you know when you are playing a game in 1t or 3rd person mode? kinda like that
you feel like it IS you nad like it is YOUR life but at the same you are looking at it from afar you know
it feels soooooooooo weird, and i wih i had an explanation or something because it also scares me a bit

something else, but this is probably normal. sometimes i wake up suddenly in the middle of my sleep, no nightmares no nothing i just suddenly wake up like someone threw something at me... and i see these things or like silhouettes in the room, sometimes they are clear sometimes not, sometimes its a shape of something sometimes its random w/e shape
this is probably "sleep residue" lol but i was just wondering if it happens to someone else
... these actually scare the hell out of me lol


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  • Sometimes when I do shrooms it feel like I die and I see myself for who I really am kind of like I put my foot on the other shoe but it's my shoe. It's hard to explain but it feel out of body to me.

    • yea i think its something like that lol
      but i dont drink or do any types of drugs lol

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    • Yeah you still have a lot to learn. When is your b day?

    • new years lol

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  • I don't get the first one as much but i definitely get the second. I don't know if you get this but i also get dreams before certain situations occur. Not all the time, but when i do, they are deep and have always turned out to be true. This might sound impossible, but i also feel like i can talk to God. He talks to me through my dreams, it's almost like i'm a messenger and sometimes, i will have a passion running through me which i have to tell a particular person.

    • no i get it actually i know some people like that too but like different levels lol

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    • i believe in God anyways lol

      but yea i had a friend who dreams of people dying (her family members usually ) and they usually did right after her dream.. its so weird

      and a friend of mine, the day Michael Jackson died, he got up and went straight to her brother and asked if MJ was ok and he was like yea he is why?
      and then later that day...

    • Wow that really is extradorniary

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  • The only time I've experienced that was when I'd done shrooms!

    • LMAO xD someone else said the same
      but i dont do that or any types of drugs or alcohol

    • Lol! Great minds think alike then :p

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