Will I be treated like this in Europe?

I'm Turkish. My country being full of terrorists and ruled by a dictator hurts me in many ways, but it doesn't make me less proud to be a part of it.

Problem is, I simply don't have a future here. So I want to move to a country like UK or Sweden—or maybe another, I don't know. But I've already faced racism before even going there. A dumbass Swede already accused me of stealing her non-existent job (I'm still in school.). I know racism is everywhere and you shouldn't mind it in general, but I want to be able to call myself a local in the country I live in once I settle down and get to know the place. I don't want this:

https:// m. youtube. com/watch? v=ocM5GUx4TMU&feature=youtu. be

I'm not an emotionally strong person, I'd probably be able to tough it out on that bus and keep a straight face, but once I get off, I'd break down in tears. I can't live in my country, but I don't want be anywhere people will abuse me like this and get away with it. I'm not a victim. But I'm really confused.


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  • Well. Here in the Netherlands most immigrants come from Turkey and Morocco. I must say there's quite a lot of discrimination going on. Especially against Moroccans.
    If you can integrate to the country's norms and don't do anything that's looks a bit weird for us (wearing a hijab. It's really the worst time to do that now) then you're probably just fine. My nephew is half Israelian (so he's got that middle eastern look going on) and he doesn't get discriminated much. He only gets controlled a bit more in electronic shops.
    It might sound a bit insensitive, but it's really the worst time to immigrate now. We've got big discussions and hatred going on because of the refugees and pretty much everything that looks Muslim won't be treated the same. Sad but true.

    • I'm not a Muslim, I'm atheist. Well, agnostic.

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    • Sweden has almost the same school system as the Netherlands so I think so yes. But I can't tell for sure. I've read it once somewhere but that was some time ago. I recommend you to figure these things out.
      Every student has to go in debt. At least here because you won't get money from the government anymore as a student (new rule). Maybe Sweden is better then. I think they still pay you money there as a student.

    • College is free to EU citizens, but not me, so I don't think that would apply to me either

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  • As you said, every country has issues with racism. It's difficult to identify how likely you are to receive racist treatment and how often. I did a quick search and found the following (assuming you're thinking about a western country):

    In America, "Seven in ten... say that Muslims face either a great deal or a fair amount of discrimination in America today." - today.yougov.com/.../

    In Europe, "Around a fifth of respondents (21%) report that they have personally experienced discrimination or harassment in the previous 12 months: 16% have experienced discrimination on the basis of one of the grounds analysed in the survey, and 5% on multiple grounds." - www.equineteurope.org/Discrimination-in-the-EU-in-2015

    This is just based on a quick Google search and if you need helping understanding some of the English in those links, I'd be happy to help.

    I'm Irish and I'm generally pro-immigration. I believe most western countries need immigrants to survive and the racist people are f**king idiots. Unfortunately, idiots are not the minority so you may well encounter them everywhere. Sexism is a big issue in Turkey (afaik) and it's not as bad here so that's another consideration.

    Is there some resource you could use to find out more?

    • I'm not a Muslim though. I was thinking about this today and I noticed, Sweden is kinda really multicultural nowadays. I won't be sticking out as much as I thought I would. It's worth trying.

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    • I know. I keep thinking about Interailing. It involves going for train rides all over Europe. I might do it in a year or two.

    • Good idea.

  • Go to USA if you really want to go somewhere, don't even think about Europe if you'll ask me.

    • Why? Because of what I said or some other reason?

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    • @Riverock , I can say US is much a better place for a Turk to live.

    • Wow, I know extreme acts of racism can be seen but I'm fairly sure you're a troll.

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  • Well let's just say you will not be loved over here... I suggest you do not come. And if you do you better learn the language, have a good education and make sure to adjust to to culture otherwise good luck with finding a job... It's even hard for locals to find jobs now.

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