Are these people messing with me and how bad?

ok this isn't a dating question--its about a vet clinic and pets. I take my cats to this clinic, and me and a vet tech were sort of 'chummy' like friends. we'd text each other. They had taken some kittens in and i wanted one, or i even wanted to foster them. I realized i couldn't, but i finally wanted a kitten, and the min i did, these idiots have been using my 'desire and love' for these kittens to kind of play head games with me. They gave one away right away to someone else and it died- another almost died and i wanted her. i cudnt take her home cuz my cats were sick, so was waiting. They didn't give me a time on when i cud take her, but i realized they were playing head games with me- the techs, and even the vet. I really wanted to take her b/c i didn't trust how they were caring for her- she ended up dying two weeks ago and it was torture for me- i just wanted to give them some love/care and these people didn't want me to.

they wanted to give me another kitten i didn't want, and tried keeping these away from me. Rather than show any care this kitten died, when i went in the clinic, NONE of the female techs cared or said anything to me. when I asked one said coldly "it wasnt' working out".. i was like wtf? i was rushing to the clinic worried sick about these kittens- now the other two have had 'mange' and this rude tech (one who was supposed to be my friend), said it can take MONTHS to heal and she was just messing with me.. even my friend is like uve been talking about these kittens for over a month now? why won't they just give u one? i went and talked ot the vet AGAIN for the other two kittens, and she said ok but then said "it'll be a few weeks".. its just so weird.. ok so yes they have been messing withi me cruelly but why are they doing this, and wtf is going on? its not that they dont think im ok for it- they tried to force another kitten on me that i didn't want but i loved these ones...

like they want this power/control over me and its sick and messed up. also i think they were negligent in the care of the kitten that died- they also give cats away to anyone from what I've seen- anyone who will take them so they're REALLY messing with me using it as a powertrip type thing, and im the one who cared about them the most.. I've also spent 1000's of dollars at this place and even spent 2k on a stray cat that wasn't even mine just to save his life..


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  • That's sad :(

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