What is the bare minimum that you expect in somebody you date aside from the obvious like doesn't hit you or cheat on you (those are OBVIOUS!!!)?

I guess for me he has to respect my desire to think differently from him and he has to respect my right to choose and to think as I wish - even if my thoughts are wrong. I dumped one of my friends this month cause when I had an opinion that he disagreed with he would keep arguing and arguing with me until I changed my mind and when I gave him legitimate reasons for thinking differently from him he would invalidate everything I said.


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  • 1. Respect I am very old school so my values are different from most other guys. respect or leave it.
    2. Hospitality I shouldn't be dating the wicked witch of the west.
    3. Peace - Do not be a loud obnoxious female. I like my peace and quiet more than any female. It helps me recharge.
    4. Privacy Do not go though my phone, glove box or other items unless your married to be or something.


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  • she has to be a talker. I`love listening to interesting girls and as a guy I find verbal communication easier to read than body language. Honestly I think being able to communicate in a relationship openly is the key to any happyĆ©healthy relationship


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