To fellow Christians, please read description and help me?

Awhile back I asked God for a sign if he's "the one" to show me a sign, since then I've had 5 dreams of the guy proposing to me, literally the same exact dream. I've seen his name everywhere/or heard it. Sometimes just first and sometimes just last name and sometimes both. Then another thing was we did a sermon in church and I get like a daily scripture sent to my phone, and since he's a college student he's not always at church, but he was there yesterday after 2 months of not being there and the verse this morning was exactly what our sermon was on. So do I take these as signs?


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  • It maybe signs, but it could also just be a bunch of coincidence's

    • Yeah I know and that's why I asked her. I'm really confused. Like I honestly deep deep down believe it's signs because I think he dropped hints super early and here's the main question that led to all this:

      Like Idek anymore. I do know everything's just so different with him. Literally.

    • I think he does like you but he maybe waiting or take it slow with you

    • I mean 8 months later he tells his mom to give me his number cause he had a friend that needed a ticket for something. And the day before he didn't need one or anything. We used to talk on snapchat some. But I thought he deleted me. Apparently it got hacked. And we haven't talked for two months until 2 Saturday's ago... Like when he saw me and stuff honestly it was like if he could've gotten any closer to me he would have. And I've tried too get him to open up, but he won't. He just shuts down and becomes distant again. And it takes awhile to re-kindle the friendship. And now we're like close I guess. His mom and I are close. I think his mom thinks he and I are dating cause I told her he was gonna be at church and she said "Always good to have a girl giving me the inside scoop, boys don't always tell these things." And also re tweeted my pic of us and said nice pic. Like I don't know but she knows something. I don't know I can't move on from him. Like I've tried and it just never works out.

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  • ok, u can think of these things as nice indicators but i personally would not conduct my future actions based on them. i think more prominent signs would be reading the scripture in your OWN time and receiving some sort of message, hearing something comforting through someone else, say with the sermon like u mentioned, or knowing that HE himself is close to God.

    the text thing is always nice but i think it's good to remain a little cautious, especially at your age. if u really want it to work from now, u guys need to put effort into it, because unfortunately a lot of high school relationships dont last. best of luck to u both.


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