Candian Federal Election 2015: Who will take the lead?

(Results are just starting to trickle in. Out of 338 seats, all 17 (5%) of the ones declared thus far are Liberal. This should be interesting...)

After 78 days of campaigning, the election day is upon us. Polls have already been closed in the Maritime provincees, Newfoundland, and Larbrador. Poll stations in Western Canada, at least BC, are still open for just under two more hours.
Candian Federal Election 2015: Who will take the lead?
Whoever takes the cake, it's forecast to be a tight race between the three leading parties; Conservatives headed by Harper, the New Democratic party led by Thomas Mulcair, and of course the Liberals fronted by Justin Trudeau.

Most Canadians have had to endure weeks of commercials, usually telling us why we shouldn't vote for others, not so much focusing on why we shoudl vote for anyone. 'Just not ready' being the tagline for most Conservative ads against the Liberals. Harping on Justin Trudeau, Liberal leader, for being too young, lacking any 'wisdom' and experience.

On top of other shameless Conservative ads directly stating 'We're better off iwth Harper'.
Despite there having been a nationwide event on FB titled 'Harper Going Away Party'.

Results are coming in. Liberals at 74, Conservatives at a surprising 34, with NDP trailing at 9.


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  • 78 days of campaigning? That sounds awesome. In the us they are already going even tho the election is still a year out.

    • haha yeeah feels like it went on for longer though, since it's been all over the news before actual campaigns started after Trudeau got named the lead of the Liberal party.
      I can imagine it'll be quite a relief for you guys once teh election's over to get more global news eh? :P

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  • Liberals won majority
    Conservatives are the opposition
    And NDP lost quite a bit of seats

    • Where are earth are all the Canadians at? lol but yeah, who woulda thunk eh. I remember when it was first announced that Trudeau would front the Liberals, everyone thought it was a joke. 'Just because he has nice hair', 'nepotism', etc..

    • I still think he's a joke.

  • A very suprising election to some of us watching in the US.


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