I got a bad reputation because I accidentally hit this girl and pushed off of her durin a football game by mistake. How can I fix this, help please?

On Saturday our college had a football game. I was running out of bounds, got PUSHED key word "PUSHED WHILE OUT OF BOUNDS". My head was down (trying to explain this with as much detail)... and i used one hand and pushed the cheerleader (again i DID NOT SEE HER) and i pushed her on the ground, fell on her and to make things worse i pushed off of her to get up. I did this so fast and didn't even realize it was a girl i swear.

I'am a really nice person and after the game i went up to her and said i was extremely sorry (even though not my fault). I told her i would even take her our for lunch or something cause she was hurt and did have a bruise. Well even since then a lot of people are saying i "purposle did this to her" and that "i was too lazy to push off the ground so i used her". I didn't mean any of this and was wondering how i can fix my reputaiton now? I don't want to be known as a bad person.

Anyone else?
Last opinions?


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  • Well I don't know what you were thinking, but when you full-on tackle someone, asking them out to a date-like situation (whether or not you saw it that way, most people would) is NOT the first thing I would consider doing.

    For the rest of it, I would say write her an apology letter or give her a "I'm sorry" card, or something of the sort to really show how bad you felt. People will spread rumors no matter what, you just have to continue to say otherwise.

    I wish I could offer more than that but you can't control the shit other people talk.

    • OH no no. This is not a date. I just told her i would take her for lunch cause i felt bad that is all. She;s looks nice but no date lol. When i told her i wanted to take her for lunch cause i felt bad she was all like "aww you're so sweet". So its good she'snot mad. But i could not controll when i got pushed while out of bounds. I saw these comments on facebook and i don't like them. Both guys and girls are ssaying it but when you get pushed out while running full speed it';s hard to stop and unfortunately she was in the way

    • Try reporting them if the need be then, other than that, all you can do is let it pass.

    • oh i won't report them, i'am not like that. Our coach has social media rules for us so i can't do that, i can even responds to them or else i'll get in trouble. I'll just try to let it pass. Today at practice my teammates teased me about it, but it's w. e. i guess.

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  • I think that's just something you're gonna have to wait out. There isn't really any way you can fix it if you've said what really happened. This is just something you'll have to wait for people to get over. Could take a day, could take a week. Accidents happen, but don't worry about it. As long as she knows you're sorry. Good luck

    • yes, i told her i was sorry after the game

    • Don't worry about it then, that's just people trying to have their say

    • yeah thanks

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  • Sounds like you have yourself a case of "White Knights" LOL. Don't mind them, they're just people who are entertainment for the rest of us.

    If she's fine, you're fine. That's all that matters. Who cares what those white knights at school think. It's all a matter of if she's okay with the situation and if you can explain it all to her in a private matter. Let her know it wasn't intentional.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • i talked to her already and she is ok and fine

    • Then you're Solid Bro.

      Some people just look for things to be mad at lol.
      You just happened to be in that sort of situation. Who cares, Let them think what they want.

    • yeah. thanks

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