Would you consider traveling alone for?

3 days on an excursion, tour to a place you want to go but you know it won't be fun as you wotn be traveling with anyone and being a woman could be just a bit risky than being a man? I know this is irrelevant but in all the photos during the trip it will be only you and you.


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  • No, I can only have fun on a trip if I'm with someone I like.

    • That is my point and im on this dilemma whether to enjoy this trip by myself or not enjoy it because i wotn be traveling with someone

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    • Im thinking in taking because maybe I wil regret it later. Th trip is to Grand Canyon, Vegas and Hooer Dam

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  • Agh, I'm torn. I think I'm leaning towards "no," that I wouldn't travel alone. If I knew I was meeting up with someone or a group of people I knew, that's one thing. I'd travel by car, plane, or whatever then. Being alone the whole time, though, wouldn't be fun and kind of scary, too.

    • Yes i know. It willbe an excursion though but only 3 days to probably Grand Canyonb,, Vegas and Hoover Dam. The rest of the days Im staying with my aunt at her house, it only be those 3 days that I be on an excursion since my aunt can't join me or her children

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  • Id be up for that

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