If you get punched or shoved, would it be alright to beat the shit out of 'em?

There is this guy that hangs out with us, and I used to sort of like his company in the group but now he has just become a complete nuisance. So, I just stay away, and he gets upset because he wants to be my friend which, in my head, I reply, "Fuck off." He has an enormous ego and his self-esteem is much higher than it should be and it makes me want to punch him square in that smug face. I'm extremely closed off and don't show much emotion, including annoyance and anger, so if it comes out, Satan may be afraid to look (Exagerration). I'd consider myself extremely rude and straight forward with those I do not like or appreciate, but to those few people I like, I'm not the worst. This guy, to get my attention or other peoples attention as well, sometimes may shove or hit you in the shoulder and if, hypothetically, I punched him in the jaw, or I shoved him to the ground, and maybeeee kicked him a bit... would that be too much?


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  • If you are punched or shoved I think you should be able to give what they gave back as a "hey, not cool, don't ever fucking do that again" thing. If he comes back at you then you have to defend yourself and fight back

    • Would I get in problem afterwards you think?

    • In school yeah probably. Regardless just make sure you are not the one provoking it and that you only retaliate in self defense. That way the punishment won't be as harsh for you and will be harsher for the guy who is bothering you

    • Yea I see what you're saying, thanks a lot!

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  • No cause you don't want to start a fight. Just give him your meanest look get in his face and say "touch me again and I'll kick your ass" and try to deepen your voice so he knows you're serious.

    • What if that doesn't work? I'm not the most intimidating guy, physic or physical (I don't know how to say it in English) way.

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    • It's just stupid to fight on school grounds and you don't know if your friends will stick with you after the fight.

    • That's true, except, at least 2 of them will side with me for sure, but I see what you're saying

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  • Yes, pushing doesn't equal kicking the shit out of someone.