So I have been sexting and having camsex with a lot of girls over the internet, and I realize I should write romance novels?

I mean with time I have gotten so good at it, I am not even exaggerating, I have actually seen a couple of girls squirt on Skype itself, sure physical appeal helps but I think with the way i text, I really turn them on and have in me potential to be the next mills and boons or sth. So how do I start with this?


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  • Well you can try posting stories on erotica sites and see how people respond. To get a deal with a publisher takes a bit of polish and practiced skill, so ask for feedback to improve your writing.

    Paid erotica journals probably have submission guidelines on their websites, if you juse wanted to publish a short story now and then. Do research and figure out what they're looking for and how you can give it to them.


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  • Why don't you give us like a paragraph do we can determine if you're good?

  • Would you demonstrate your skills, please? Thank you.

    • well, i don't know but i know for sure i can surprise you by grabbing your waist from behind with my strong arms, my other hand caressing your boobs as I whisper into your ear how sexy you look tonight before i twist you to my side and catch you again, holding ur waist with one hand and using the other to play with ur butt as ur hands are sensually running all over my back, our hot breath all over each other's necks, feeling the sexual tension, and then i suddenly lift you up, ur feet around my waist, our genitals lightly teasing each other, i play with ur lips with my fingers and use the other hand to skillfully open your bra and I then kiss you from the cleavage and keep going up as I reach your lips, we look lustfully into each other's eyes before i bite ur lower lip a little first, grabbing ur butt as i do this and then reach for the upper lip and as our tongues just entwine i throw ourselves together down on the couch me dominating your delicate body...

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    • I'll read it again on another occasion, when I know that I'm not trying to evaluate your writing. ;) This might make me less strict.

    • he he no worries ;)

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