Should I throw down $3k for tattoo removal?

Will take almost two years to get them completley removed. I hate the way they look. I got a USMC tat on my chest and an ugly lion on my arm. I'm proud to of served in the Marines but it just looks ugly and I'm a calm civilian at this point in my life. The lion.. my god. I got it after a breakup thinking it would cheer me up and I'd be cool with an arm tattoo. Turned out terrible lmao. Lion king jokes since.. I've owned them at this point and know one knows I'm insecure about them but I'm still young and have a great body at 22 and I know I'll have an even better body at 24 if I keep lifting. Should I start getting them removed? They distort my physique entirely.

  • Keep them and own them.
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  • Get rid of them tattoos are ugly.
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What Girls Said 1

  • If you have money for it and hate those tattoos, then yeah why not. If 3k is too much to part with right now though, then don't yet.

    • Also, I didn't pick B because I don't think tattoos in general are ugly, they can look really good, but if you don't like the ones you got and don't want them on your body, then I can understand not wanting to keep them.

What Guys Said 1

  • I make sure in writing it's GUARANTEED!! Treatments until it's gone & your satisfied. Go to a place that's not a startup.
    I went in for laser hair removal & nothing.

    keep them.