I have a possible stalker?

Serious Answers only... I am currently a crossing guard part time. I befriended this old lady who is my co-worker. I stopped wanting to be around her because I thought she was very vindictive, liar, and just mean. Anytime I would stop trying to be around her, something bad would happen. For example, I left her house early because I just trying to cut time from her avoid her. Later, that day while I was at work, this crazy looking man is walking up on me. I don't know him. I totally got bad vibes from him. It turns out this is suppose to be her cousin. Which is so weird because I never heard of him and he came out of the blue and he got very frustrated that I wasn't happy to see him or meet him. That was a red flag. It was other things that she prior as well. I haven't spoken to this old in several days because everyone is telling me to stay away. She is rubbing to her car when she sees me which tells me she meant harm about that. And she hadn't tried to reach out. I think she may know I may take legal action. Yesterday, in walking to the bus stop with my other co worker and she is still there and drives off when she sees me, but she has someone in the car with her. It's just this lady is creepy and crazy as hell. I could go on and on. But what should I do?


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  • I agree this sound very creepy but not enough for you to go to the police. So, just don't go anywhere alone I mean really always get a friend to go with you. You may also but some self defense weapon with you like electric or even this eye spray or anything like this.


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  • Is she showing up at your house or other places besides work? Because if you're just running into her at work it will be hard to prove that they have any criminal intentions.

    • Even if it's random people coming up to me?

    • You have to be able to prove that what you have been going through is more than simple coincidence, that's why I ask you if these people have been on or around your home, or in another areas away from your job.
      Are you constantly bumping into the same guy after work or at the grocery store?
      Are you Being watched. Which is Different than the lurker, the watcher will follow you from a distance, gathering personal information about you and those closest to you.
      They may photograph you, ask your friends about you or collect information from other sources such as public records or online research firms. Some will even hire a private detective to follow you so that they can learn every detail about your private life.
      Create a journal and write down especific details as when you run into this woman or men, so that you can show the police a pattern or consistency orher wise you're gonna appear just a paranoid person.

  • Go to the police as soon as you can.

    • Why you say that?

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    • I'm not sure but she is moving next month. It's just the FACT random people are coming up on me as well and she can have me set up if she wanted to. I hope it does

    • Best of luck.

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