What would you do in this situation?


> met this chick on tinder
> lives way too close to me
> met three more times (no sex, making out or anything)
> she turned out to be a psycho whose still not over her ex lol
> started mentioning a lot about how I look totally like her ex and showing up at my house randomly
> shows up at my house at night, Said she was just passing through and then asked for ride Evendoe her house is like only two blocks away
> I walked her home and she invited me in, .. saw her ex in pic. Did looked like me, I freaked out and bailed without saying anything.
> she never texted after that and neither did I lol
> this was 3 months ago

I accidentally called her and when I realized it was different person it was little late lol, But I hung up. Hour later (half hour ago) She Texted me if I am down to "chill" today lol I use that words many times and it doesn't really mean chilling. I am blunt af but she lives two blocks away and thinks I look like her ex. Lol I don't wanna complaint to cops so that's not option


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  • I'd just keep blowing her off, she'll go away eventually.

    • Blow her up how? She lives 10 mins max close to you and you look like her ex she's obsessed with

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    • loool, lets hope it stays that way.

    • Nope. She came and kept knocking and yelling my name lol so had to go, she took me near lake and we played football. Let's say I didn't sack her once cos I "misread" all the plays lol however She did mentioned how I still look like her ex. don't know how Ima get out of this

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  • I don't know, that's some psycho shit. I would avoid with caution hahaa.

    • Yea and she knows where her dad keep his gun lmao. Owfukbye/10

  • Lol u bringing miscer cliffs to the Gag?