When you went to a driving school were you taught how to drive in a huge parking lot? Shouldn't there be more stop signs in parking lots?

Like for example yesterday I almost crashed twice in a huge parking lot when I was at an intersection. The parking lot had a few stop signs. I didn't know if I was supposed to stop. I didn't see a yield or a stop sign so I continued. I wasn't taught that I should stop when I'm trying to go into another section of a parking lot and give the right of way to those that are coming from the entrance of a parking lot and to people that just came out of a parking space.


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  • No, you should know what you're doing. Which you don't. Which is why you're at a driving school. You're also not driving on a public road.

    Is there some reason you're not reading your state's rules of the road to learn about the signs and right of way laws?

    • I've been driving for four years. I read the state's rules of the road before I took the driving test. I'm pretty sure I didn't see what to do when driving in a parking lot.

    • So you just assumed you had the right of way unless there was a sign telling you that you didn't? You see all these other cars moving in different directions and don't try and adjust your driving accordingly? Good luck trying to shift the blame onto your driving school when you crash into someone in a parking lot, because in many jurisdictions those are still covered by the same laws as a public road.

      My 'public road' comment was referring to the fact that with parking lots, you're driving in a area where speeds are much lower compared to a city street, before you try to get cute.

    • I didn't assume that I had the right of way. I didn't know what to do when I was driving in the parking lot. There were no stop sign on my side or the other side. So I decided to move slowly and stop when I needed to or go forward if the other driver let me.

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  • You're just supposed to yield. Yield wherever it makes sense... if there could be people or cars coming, and you're not on the main road, then freakin' check!
    It's good to be cautious all the time.

  • Why dhould there be a lot of stop sogns ib parking lots? You aren't going more than 15 miles per hour.

    • Because I live in NY and everyone is in a rush so most people don't indicate to other drivers that they can go.

    • No they know what they are doing most of the time.