How can I have a conversation via text with my crush, who's a college freshman, and not be annoying or mess with his studying etc etc?

Like yesterday after I saw him back at church after two months, I told him it was nice to see him and that I hope he has a good week at college and just in general with a blushing smiley face he said Thanks! You too!

Like I wanna talk to him and stuff I'm just afraid I'll mess up his schedule or get him in trouble if he's in class.

Many of you may know me from as that 15 year old who asked this question:

And nd yes I finally have his number, because he told his mom to give it to me to text him to meet up 2 Saturday's ago and we did and stuff but like I wanna talk to him but i don't wanna annoy him.


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  • You just gotta text him at the right time. Try to find out what time his classes end and what days he has to go to class. On Mondays and Wednesdays my boyfriend classes are from 11am - 1pm. On Tuesdays and Thursdays he has classes 8am - 11am. He doesn't have to go on Fridays so that's when I call and text him because I don't want to disturb him. I sometimes text him after he goes to class because he's usually eating at that time.

    Oh and most likely if he's in class he will probably have his phone turned down.

    • Oh, and I didn't remember who you were so I went to read the question you linked. He seems like a great guy so just go for it girl! 😊

    • Oh haha thanks! Appreciate you reading that long question 😂😂

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  • Talk to him. If he is busy, he will tell you. Good luck.