Nostalgia Problems, your experiences?

I get nostalgic quite a lot, even with really small, insignificant things. I find it really annoying, is there anything I can do to stop it?
What are your experiences with nostalgia? And do you have any cures for it?

For example, I just re-read a conversation with my crush from half a year ago, my first texting convo with her and I found it just downright amazing. Those memories :') I miss them.

Also I kinda get nostalgia from GaG, when I joined the site, early 2015, you could choose between different personality types and a picture of your type could be your profile picture, i found that very awesome lol, I kinda miss that. I think I just don't like change, I've always been like that.


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  • Doing your best to embrace what's going on in you life right now. Be ok with it and work towards more. I get nostalgic sometimes, but then I actively think about the good going on in my life now. Balances me out again. I forget who said this quote, but it's applicable here.
    "Living in the past is called Depression, Living in the future us called Anxiety. But living in the present moment is Serenity".

    Remind yourself to live in this moment, when you find yourself feeling nostalgic. Still plan for the future of course, but don't live in the future. Appreciate what is

    • Ah ok. Appreciating what is good in my life now is a good idea :)

      So basically its not making excessive plans for the future and ending up not doing them right? Its starting NOW to do these things.

      I often do that a lot, i often dream about things id like to do later, while i could do things now too! Lol
      Thanks for your advice :)

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  • Nostalgic? I honestly don't. Not in a good way, anyway.

    Most of my nostalgia comes from regret. Either I was an idiot, or I was too immature. I constantly worry about what I could have done better at the time.

    But I also have a terrible memory. It's very frustrating to deal with.

    Now, I have looked at proof of my good moments that have lasted (old facebook posts to ex-GFs are a good example), and they remind me that I'm not all bad. I wasn't completely useless. I wish I was better at preserving memories. That way, I could remember more than just the bad things.

    Cures? I don't. If anything, I want more of it. I use them as a lesson, to remember what I'm (in) capable of, and to be better than that. I already have the experience to know better, I just have to remember to learn from it all.

    Part of my lack of nostalgia probably comes from keeping busy. I'm either working or playing a video game, and both things pull all of my attention away from anything, past or present.

    • Yes i probably should be busy too lol, but today i was making a lot of homework and my mind just starts drifting away after 2 minutes of being busy, its so annoying. Im spending so much time this way on homework, i can't keep my attention to boring things.

      A terrible memory can be good in this case :)

      Yes i should use them as guidelines too. I've shown what i could do and stuff :)

  • Same happens to me bruh but why the hell would you want to stop it? :D Only think I can think of is by destroying your imagination somehow. I don't throw things out easily so I have moments like that all the time since I still have a drawer full of class work and textbooks from as far back as 4th grade.

    • I dont like the sad feeling it involves. I wish things now were just like before.

      I really dont want to look in a textbook from when i was young lol, makes me sad that those times are over.
      The thing probably is that im too much thinking about the good things which happened in the past, but not about the good things that happen NOW where i get nostalgic about later.
      If that makes sense lol

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    • Ok thanks for your help :)

    • No problem bruh :)

  • Yeah, me too!

    Actually nostalgia is fuckin' killin' me!

    Always thinking of my previous school and my female friends there and the fact that I can no longer reach them when I used to hang out with them and talk with them frequently back then makes me cry and depresses me, especially that I'm now in a same sex boarding school!

    Another depressing thing about nostalgia is that I've fallen in love with the girl I've been crushing on all that time in my previous school and now it is quite impossible to reach her!

    I think I'd better go kill myself and spare myself all that torturing!

  • Do not stop it. Embrace the feeling.

    • I can't really embrace it, cuz it makes me sad and want to go back to those times lol

    • Yeah, that's part of the show. Close your eyes and travel back to those times you would like to be at. Those are your memories, both sweet and sour. Enjoy them again in your mind and after that start making some new memories by getting out in the world.
      See it like a movie: you sit there for a while remembering the past till you get tired of it or the film is done. After that you can carry on with normal life, gathering more films to watch :)

    • Ah ok :) nice comparison, makes it clear
      I actually feel i want to relive the good times in real life, not in my mind, thats what makes me feel sad, because i know its highly unlikely that its going to happen again