Am I a strange person?

I barely seek out human interraction and i was like that from when i was a child, i feel good this way and humans make me feel stressed out. I like company of one or two people every once in a while but nothing more than that. I am also very quiet and like to have my own space. I just feel comfortable this way, and i can't explain it.


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  • I like watching movies and shows and staying bed eating a lot of crap that'll do more harm than good. I like being alone mostly doing my own thing and my dog follows me everywhere so I'm not technically alone. So I get it but humans are social beings... maybe the reason you like being alone is because you haven't found someone that you can love to be around... if that made any sense. You are not strange by any means.

    • I have one or two people i hang around, but that's it. I don't form any close relationships, i have tried in the past and they all corrupted.

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    • Anger can be isolating.. I would say let it go but then I don't know what their views are or find people who don't make you angry and like what you like... Easier said than done... but you can try of course only if you want.

    • Exactly, only if i want, but what i find interesting is that i actually feel good that i get rid of people.

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  • You don't like people because they talk too much right, i bet you have a talent that stands out from most people around you. if you do that mean you are an Introvert. welcome to the club my friend! people in general are pretty annoying to us so we stick with creative loners. Please take your time to look up Introverts vs extroverts in google and hit me up with a reply. It's life changing!

  • Are you even human?

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