What would Modern Family characters be like if they were in 1800's?

I like to imagine this for some reason. How Mitchell and Cam would work (it probably wouldn't unless Jay is the Saint of Dry Creek or something), would they be murdered for sodomy, what Manny's place in the family would be, what people would think of Gloria, would she be hunted down by the KKK, would Alex become a suffragette, would Haley become a teen mom and go into prostitution to take care of it, would Jay's family have owned slaves, all this stuff.


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  • Unfortunately I don't know anything about 1800s. 😂

    • You've got to learn. It was disgusting but stil kinda cool. They had slavery, everyone was racist and women couldn't show their ankles.

    • Not really into history tbh :/

    • That's a shame. We're lucky to live in 2015 but history is awesome.

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