Girl why do you say this?

When girls cheat they cheat because theyre not getting enough attention. They always find a way to make themselves the victim. they say "you never give me attention you're always busy doing something else somewhere else". Why do you need so much attention? Kinda makes you seem like skanky whore. Its happened to people I know.


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  • Well I don't cheat but if a man isn't paying me any attention (i. e. Love, affection, respect) but another wants to, how does that make us skanky whores? You don't think any blame should go to the boyfriend? Doesn't everyone in a relationship want attention, love, respect, affection?

    • No! why don't you leave him instead of charting on him like a whore and breaking his heart. The blame is entirely yours not his. Its like me cheating on my spouse because she doesn't cook for me or doesn't have sex as often. Why do you crave attention what are you a dog?

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    • Yeah. But! if you cheat the blame is all yours.

    • I agree. And as I said initially, I don't cheat.

  • Maybe you were not showing enough love to her, like you really really cared, like you couldn't get enough of her. Or... she's just a ho, she says it to make herself feel better, doesn't make it look like it's her fault. Every girl is different, or slightly. .


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