I am turning 20 next year but I still look like a 16 yr old high school jock?

So i am about 5'11'', dark featured with a tanned skin but I have a bit of a babyface with a fit and broad body which makes me look like a 16 yr old high school kid (i look over 25 with a beard though XD ). Is this normal and if not, is it necessarily a bad thing?

*next month not year


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  • Well I don't know if it's normal or not but don't worry I get asked if I am on a field trip with my class when I go to a museum or park. I still get asked for ID when I want to buy chocolate containing alcohol and I am 28.

    • when i was 16 i looked 10, if i looked like now at 16, i would get a lot of girls in high school now i am in univ and i look young for a college guy :(

    • I know 😂
      It's funny when high school boys hit on me... But i think it's flattering.

    • well, hopefully we'll look 30 when we are 60 xD

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  • I only have one friend who's like this and she's a girl. Kind of fun because we can sneak her in to places for the child price rather than the adults. It does become an issue if you plan on dating someone older and they really end up looking like a pedo. I'd suggest just keeping your beard nicely trimmed but still there, if you want to avoid all that stuff.

    • i mean i am chiselled with a good jaw and all, but i dont know why, i just got that teenage vibe going on, it sucks

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  • You might look a little younger but not 16.

    Trust me.

    Don't worry about it.

    It's not a bad thing.

    • its like 15-16 yr old girls tell me i am really hot or sth lol and the older girls say i am kinda cute, i am not taking the paedo side for the sake of desperation now lol

    • Then you must be good looking

    • yeah i am alright, nothing out of the ordinary but better than the average chap out there

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