I have broad shoulders but a slightly chubby body,, how can I get ripped retaining the former?


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  • change your diet but keep up with the protein and keep working on those shoulders.

  • Bro shoulders are bone structure, you can't change it. Skinny or fat you will have broad shoulders and if anything, losing the weight will emphasize them more.

    • nope, i had narrow shoulders before

    • Then you have narrow shoulders and gaining fat made them look a little broader. That means you gotta get really ripped so your delta and Lats get bigger to give the appearance of broad shoulders.

    • ok its sth like this, i was obese before, when i suddenly lost a lot of weight, it seemed narrow i think, i was skinny fat, i have been working out since then, maybe its just my arms but ihave a broadish appearance now. looks good with clothes on, waist is only 32 but icarry a little fat still