Now that Biden is officially not running for President, who do you think will gain most of his supporters?

  • Bernie Sanders
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  • Hillary Clinton
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  • Lawrence Lessig
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  • Lincoln Chafee
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  • Martin O'Malley
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  • I definitely think Hillary Clinton will gain most of his die hard supporters.

    • Unless something major happens today and Hillary is hauled off to jail. Hopefully something major happens at Hillary's hearing today that cause's her to loose supporters. #FeelTheBern

    • He's not running, so we shall see what happens for both things.

  • I think all 27 of them will go to your Sanders my love!

    • "All 27 of them" Your way off, their is way more Biden supporters than that. And thanks to the gender card and the Cooperate media most of them will sadly go to Killary. Hillary is using the gender card full force, like recently she claimed Sanders was sexist for telling her to stop shouting about gun violence, when in reality he said all the shouting in the world is going to solve the problem.

    • Hey I'm with you on the no love for Hillary bandwagon. 😀

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