Do I sound like I have my ch! t together?

I'm 22 years old. I started college during 2015 summer. Took 9 units and aced them all. This semester I'm expecting to end in a 3.8-4.0 GPA with 20 units all together with summer. My major is accounting and I take most of my classes at a community college in the evening. I plan to transfer to a cal state university in a year and a half. My parents are paying for most of my college. I estimate I'll be $10,000 in debt by the time I graduate.

Right now for work I do security for a couple high end nightclubs. I've worked at the playboy mansion a couple times. I do some venues in los angeles. I have about $8,000 saved up right now and want to invest it into the stock market and hopefully get a 7% annual return rate. After I graduate I want to start a security company with my best friend. We want to handle high end venues.. we have the network and we are building it together.

On my free time I'm a bodybuilder.. I eat healthy foods and count my calories on the daily. I have a great physique and have a personal bodybuilder coach that I pay to help train me. by the way my credit is perfect.

On the downfall. I started college late and still live with my parents. I have a couple ugly tattoos that I'm working on getting removed by laser. I went to the police academy and lasted 7 months but failed a acadmeic test on weapons of mass desctruction and got booted out a week before graduation. I got plenty of offers to come back and I still want to and become a reserve officer (One shift a month (volunteer service)). Plan to do that academy again around my senior summer. I'll graduate at the age of 26 and most likely will have some money built up from stocks.

I don't know guys. I'm trying my best to get it together.

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  • Yes you sound like u have your head on your shoulders.
    High GPA? Check.
    Take care of your health/body? Check
    Great Saving Habit? Check
    Short Term Goals? Check
    Long Term Goals? Check. (Just make sure that you & your best friend actually follow
    through with this goal. Make it a reality!)

    I dont see how living with your parent is a downfall. Who else is gonna let u live in their house for free? Plus u mention probably being $10,000 in debt when u graduate. That means if u were to move out right now you'll have to be spending money on rent/bills/grocery... and when u graduate you'll have that $10,000 debt. Makes more sense to live with your folks until your 100% financially stable & maybe even debt free. Also dont look at it as u started college "late". No such thing as late in my opinion. You're doing great. Thats all that matters.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Sounds good. However I wouldn't mess with the stock market with only 8K to invest. Mutual funds would be OK, but not directly buying stocks. The only exception is if you can afford to lose it, you could look at the 8K as practice money to learn the market. It's a dangerous game out there and it's not a level playing field.

    By the way, I've known a few people who did really well in security. One of them retired in his late 40s. Now he and his wife bought a big RV and are spending their retirement out on the road enjoying their success. That was their dream and now they are doing it.


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  • Yes, you got it


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