How do you know when a guy that is taken likes you? Does he like me?

He keeps on sending me mixed signals!! ok we were side by side and we started off like 12 inches apart then i just stood thier and he started to scoot closer and closer and he like put his left arm down slowly and his hand started like 7 inches above my rists and started to make its way slowly down and he stopped right above my hand and move his hand away, and every time we have a conversation we always keep eye contact. then i always catch him starring at me, one time i caught him and he smiled at me then i smiled back. okay then i was with my best friends then he walked my way and then he said excuse me, but he didn't just say excuse me he grabed my arm and looked at me i was so shocked. he could of just said excuse me, even my best friend gave me that wtf look. I dont know im just so confused.


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  • You're reading too much to this. Anyways, never go for a taken guy, because
    1. It's probably not gonna happen he will leave his girlfriend for you
    2. If it does happen his girlfriend would be very sad and you'll be that bitch who took her boyfriend
    3. If he does leave her, who says he will be faithful to you?

    • your right. thank you for the advise

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