Girls, how do you get a guy to relax with you either in your arms or just any way you would make him cuddle with you and maybe even sleep on you?


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  • Just by being really open with him and nice to him to make sure he's comfortable; I'll share stuff with him and be relaxed so he'll feel like he can be himself too and I'll accept him. I'm quite a touchy feely person anyway (maybe I just flirt with everyone, I don't know, I just like being affectionate xD ); as long as he's cool with it I'll do stuff like hugging him, linking arms, leaning on him when I'm sleepy, that kinda thing. If we're hanging out watching a film or something I'll play with his hair if he'll let me because the dreamy look guys get on their faces when I play with their hair is just the best thing ever :') . From there it's just kind of natural progression to cuddling, we'll hopefully be nice and relaxed + close anyway :3